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Magic Book Nook DIY KIT

Magic Book Nook DIY KIT

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Due to shipping customs policy, pigment, glue and batteries will not be included in the package.

Craft Your Own Enchanted World

Unveil Mystical Delights: The Magic Book Nook Experience

Explore a magical and captivating world with our Magic Book Nook DIY Kit. Create your own tiny scenario that is full of magic and intrigue to uncover the mysteries of a hidden universe.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - a Harry Potter inspired bookshelf insert decor miniature crafts

Explore the Cupboard of Wonders: Potions, Books, and More!

Your enchanting book nook has a cabinet full of ethereal treasures hidden inside it. Imagine bookcases filled with little vials of glistening concoctions, each holding the core of antiquated charms and spells. Beside them, aged books call out, muttering stories of lost sorcery just waiting to be unearthed.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Cupboard filled with miniature magic potions and books

Bizarre Companions: The Mysterious Cat & Broomstick

You'll meet two wacky friends as you explore more of your little world. A naughty and inquisitive cat prowls around amid the medicine bottles, its eyes shining with curiosity. A nearby enchanted broomstick, suggesting the fantastical adventures that lie ahead, is poised for action.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Mysterious cat and broomstick companions

Unlock Hidden Realms: Unique Structure Reveals More Scenes

But the magic doesn't end there. With each turn, our DIY kit's distinctive structural design reveals new surprises and hidden scenes. Explore every corner to find hidden treasures that will enhance the complexity and fascination of your enchanted masterpiece.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Unique structural design revealing hidden scenes

Easy Assembly for Beginners: Step-by-Step Manual Included

Easily create a magical book nook with our step-by-step assembly manual. Ideal for beginners and experienced makers alike.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Step-by-step assembly manual included for beginners

Soft Lighting for Added Ambiance

To truly bring your miniature world to life, our kit includes soft lighting features. Give your magic book nook a cozy, inviting glow to improve the atmosphere and provide a little more magic to your design.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Soft lighting feature enhancing ambiance

Bring Fantasy to Life: Perfect for Home Decor & Gifting

Transform your DIY Magic Book Nook into a beautiful home decor piece, perfect for display on a desk, bookshelf, or fireplace. Enjoy hours of creative enjoyment or give it as a gift to other fantasy lovers.

Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Perfect for Home Decor and Gifting


    • Book Nook Size: 6.7 x 3.9 x 3.9 inch
    • Assembly Time: 2-4 hours
    • Package Includes: Pre-cut Plywood Pieces + English Manual + Auxiliary Tools
    • Glue/Batteries: NOT included.
    Magic Book Nook DIY Kit - Assembly Size


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